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Group Marriage Counseling Sessions

Could your marriage use a refresher course?
You can experience a rewarding, fulfilling relationship again!

We are now taking reservations for group marriage counseling sessions with our new therapist, Steve Bristol. The sessions will be based on the popular and very successful                                      counseling program.

Wednesdays, beginning February 19th through March 25th, 2020

For only $20/session, this 6-week package includes all handouts and Steve's many years of experience.

A $30/couple online survey is optional but highly beneficial and recommended.

Hurry! Seating is limited to the first 5 couples that register.

Call us today to register: 269-205-2402

Below are the subject matters that will be covered during these 6 sessions:

  • Sharing Strength and Growth Areas

  • Communication
    Assertiveness and Active Listening

    Creating a Wish List Using Assertiveness and Active Listening
    Daily Dialogue and Daily Compliments

  • Personal Stress Profile
    Identifying Most Critical Issues

    Balancing your Priorities
    Wedding Stress

  • Conflict Resolution
    Ten Steps for Resolving Conflict

    How to Take a Time-Out
    Seeking and Granting Forgiveness

  • Financial Management
    The Challenges of Money
    The Meaning of Money

    Priorities: Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is
    Importance of Financial Goals
    Budget Worksheet

  • Leisure Activities
    The Dating Exercise

  • Sex and Affection
    The Expression of Intimacy

  • Relationship Roles
    Sharing Roles

  • Spiritual Beliefs
    Your Spiritual Journey

  • Marriage Expectations
    Managing Your Expectations

  • Children and Parenting
    Couple Discussion about Children

    Planning a Weekly Family Conference
    Step Families: Choosing Realistic Expectations

  • Couple and Family Maps
    Mapping Your Relationship

    Closeness Exercises
    Flexibility Exercises

  • Personality
    SCOPE Out your Personality

  • Goals
    Achieving Your Goals Together

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