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Michelle's Testimonials

Michelle VanderHeide

Personal testimonials Michelle has received from her clients

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"Michelle was instrumental in getting our family through a very difficult time.  While dealing with my sons behavioral issues at school, I realized that we needed a professional to help navigate that chapter.  Michelle was not only a lifesaver for us (and sanity saver), but she was incredibly personable and tailored her approach to suit our personalities, issues, and situation.  She was the perfect balance of professional, friend, and completely authentic.  Our experience with her was life changing and we are forever grateful for her impact and guidance."
~ Rebecca

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“The genuinely kind caring spirit of Michelle makes her the kind of person you look forward to seeing every time. She listens with her heart, and responds in ways in which you know you’ve been heard. Michelle also possesses great courage.  She’s not afraid of tackling difficult things and working hard to get to a better place. Just last week our paths crossed at the grocery store. Our impromptu conversation was marked by transparency about the challenges we face, thoughtful conversation, and much grace and laughter.”
~ Reverend R.S.G.

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“I met Michelle when she was working at Horizons. She worked primarily with our son due to emotional, social and learning struggles he was having at the time. What made Michelle special is that she didn’t just work with our son. She invested in our entire family, providing us with education, support and resources to help us.  She was always available when we had a question or concern and she took the time to really educate us as to why our son was struggling and provide us resources to help him.  We worked with Michelle for a few years and during that time our son showed extreme growth in all areas and we really attribute that to our work with Michelle.”
~ Kate

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“Thank you for everything you have done for our daughter and us for her present and future. You have really helped us on this journey!” 

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“Thank you so much for your guidance and support over the past few years for our son. You have been an integral part of our family’s life and we are so grateful for everything you have done for us.”

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